Bring us your concept on a napkin; we can help make it reality.

We have designers on our team that specialize in designing for both 3D printing and CNC. We can take your idea, whether it is a sketch, a photograph, or a prototype you built in your garage, and design a digital CAD model that is ready to create.


"Working with your design team has been wicked awesome! Your professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to the success of our project is, absolutely, incredible. The experience has been so enjoyable, that we will be utilizing your superior design service on countless future projects. Thank you, so very much, for being such a wonderful partner."

-Tara Sweeney, Thick Bar Creations




Unfortunatly home design software doesn’t have a “3D Print” button. That’s ok--bring us your SketchUp file, blueprints, or even photos of your house, we’ll create the 3D-printable file.  



Proudly display your video game character, original comic character, table-top game piece, or even a print of yourself or pet. We can help turn your designs into a digital 3D model and then a physical object.



With 3D printing, creating a professional prototype is now affordable. Sit down with one of our designers or send us your concept digitally. We can design the CAD file and 3D print a prototype.


See your model before you print.

We utilize the latest in modeling technology so that you can see your models before you print.


Let's Work Together!

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