ZPrinting is a 3D printing technology developed by MIT in 1995. ZPrinting uses powder and liquid binding material to create 3D parts. ZPrinting


Yeggi, www.yeggi.com, is a search engine that only searches 3D printable models. The text-based search engine allows you to quickly search hundreds


The X-Carriage is the part of the 3D printer that controls the position of the print head on the X-axis of the printer.How It Works The X-Carriage

Vat Polymerization

Vat Polymerization is a method in 3D printing to print 3D objects by using photopolymerization, which is the process of exposing liquid polymers to

Vapor Smoothing

Vapor smoothing is a post-processing method used in 3D printing to create a shiny surface finish on a part. To use vapor smoothing, warm up acetone

Ultraviolet (UV) Curing

Ultraviolet (UV) curing is a process that uses ultraviolet light to cure (solidify) liquid inks, coatings, or adhesives to create a protective,


Ultimaker is a 3D printer created by Ultimaking Ltd. that uses RepRap open software. The Ultimaker comes either assembled or as an unassembled kit


UltiMachine is a 3D printer supply company that supplies hardware, such as motors and cables, and filament. The company designs and manufacturers 3D


TurboSquid is a large online media company that offers a large library of 3D models for purchase. Users can buy 3D models and artists can sell their

Trimensional App

The Trimensional app is a 3D scanner app created by Trimensional, LLC for the iPhone and the iPod. Users can scan friends and family to create 3D

Trimble/Google 3D Warehouse

The Google 3D Warehouse is now the Trimble 3D Warehouse. The Trimble 3D Warehouse is a sister site for SketchUp. Designers can upload, download, and


Tinkercad is a free, web-based 3D modeling application owned and operated by Trimble.Created in 2011 as the first browser-based 3D modeler,

Tibbits, Skylar

Skylar Tibbits is one of the leading proponents and inventors of both “4D printing” and “self-assembly” technologies.His undergraduate years were


Thingiverse.com is a DIY website hosted by MakerBot and features open source hardware design. There are several ways to create the designs, including


Thermoplastic is plastic that becomes rubbery when heated and returns to a solid state as it cools down. This allows the plastic to be easily molded

Support Material

Support material in 3D printing is used as a sort of scaffolding to support a part as it is being printed. This allows parts that have design

Stratasys Inc.

Stratasys manufactures industrial 3D printers are used by manufacturers for the creations of prototypes, models, and small batches of parts.

Stratasys Edge application

The Stratasys Edge app is a free app created by Stratasys for the iPad. It allows users to access to information, tools, the sales guide and catalog


Stereolithography is a 3D printing technology that uses photopolymer liquid that hardens when exposed to UV light. Stereolithography was developed by