3D printed medical models allow doctors and patients to communicate on a deeper level.


WhiteClouds makes personalized medicine possible with physical 3D medical models. We work with medical professionals for pre-surgery planning and patient education.



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Produce a physical model from MRI or CT scans.

Step 1:

Scan Anatomy 

Step 2: 

3D Segmentation

Step 3: 

3D Printed Model



The First Enterprise 3D Printing Solution for Hospitals.



3D Advanced Visualization is at the core of TeraRecon DNA.  TeraRecon is extending their capability to the 3D printing world with a dedicated image processing workflow to enhance 3D printing outcomes. Printing your model is easier than ever.

Every TeraRecon system houses a feature that allows users to print directly from their existing workflow. It provides a way to print full-color 3D models without the need for a printer or any 3rd party software, while avoiding the use of giant, inefficient STL files. Additionally, TeraRecon offers services to support your segmentation or design needs with complex studies or models.


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"Knowing that he (the doctor) was able to look at this (model) before he went in to operate, changes everything for me. It instills a lot more confidence in the process."


Three ways WhiteClouds 3D medical models are changing healthcare:


Pre-Operative Planning

Patient Education & Consultation

Doctor and young woman patient talking to each other.

Reduction in surgery time


Pre-Surgery Planning


Multi-colors show critical structures and slices provide deeper visibility.


Full-color material displayed in fanned layout showing critical structures.




Patented Hinged Swivel System

Life-scale Measuring System


MRI and CT can be combined in one 3D model to provide enhanced visuals.


Intersection of mass and neuro-tractography providing visual clarity.



Patient Education


“Having a 3D printed model of my baby’s heart allowed the doctor to explain the surgical procedure. The model was priceless, emotional, comforting, empowering and life-changing.”


Multi-color 3D prints give clarity when educating patients on a procedure.


3D models with unlimited possibilities for personalized medicine.


Being able to see inside of the body before surgery empowers both patient and doctor to make a better treatment plan.




What is needed for a patient specific 3D printed medical model?

1- Have TeraRecon enable enterprise 3D Print Packs or Visit www.whiteclouds.com/3dyourscan

2-Upload your MRI or CT scan (DICOM).


Is personal information secure?

WhiteClouds practices HIPAA compliant file transfer and storage procedures ensuring patient data is protected.


How long does it take to receive a 3D medical model?

Typically, a model is delivered within five days for surgery planning. Urgent cases as fast as 24hrs.


What colors are available?

Depending on the application and material choice, we offer a full-range of colors.


What materials are used?

WhiteClouds has a variety of materials specific to the application:

  • Transparent (multi-color)
  • Rigid (full-color)
  • Plastic (multi-color)
  • Rubber-like

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