123D Make for iPhone. Source: WhiteClouds
123D Make for iPhone. Source: WhiteClouds

123D Make Intro for iPhone is a free app that allows you to bring your 3D models into reality through do-it-yourself projects. 123D Make is available through the app store and has a 4.5 star rating by users.

123D Make is available for PC and Mac, for iOS devices, and as a web app. The version for iOS devices is called 123D Make Intro. This article specifically looks at 123D Make Intro for iPhone.

From the opening screen, there are 3 options: CreateLoad and Kits.

Create: Draw the profile of a shape and then rotate it to form a 3D, circular object. You can create vases, pedestals, and or columns. The Create page has four icons:

Clear: Erases your shape so you can start a new shape.

I: Instructions and tips on how to use 123D Make.

Back: Returns to the home screen.

Next: Takes you to the next step in building your object. On this screen, you’ll be able to view your object in 3D. Swipe your finger on the screen to rotate your object and spread and pinch your fingers to zoom out and in. When you click Next, you’ll see a number of options:

Back: Returns to the Create screen.

Make: Click Make to create your object in real life. 123D Make provides a couple of different ways you can do this. The first way is to print patterns for the pieces of your creation and then use the patterns to cut out pieces of cardboard. You can then assemble the pieces to create your object. Secondly, you can email the plans as a PDF. The third way is you can order laser-cut cardboard parts.

Click Done to save your project.

Gear Icon: Click the Gear Icon to choose which slicing method you would like to use. You can choose Radial or StackedRadial is a framework of your object and Stacked is solid. We recommend viewing both so you can determine which one will work best for your project. 

Rewind, Play, Fast-forward Icons: These options help you view how your object is put together.

Rotation Icon: Starts and stops rotation of your object.

Load: View your saved projects. Click Load and then select your project name to open a previous project. Click Delete to delete any of your saved projects.

Kits: Kits open a screen with a collection of kits that were created with 123D Make Desktop, available for PC and Mac. You can view any of the nine kits available and print the plans for the object or order laser-cut parts.

123D Make Intro for iPhone is a fun app and a good way to introduce kids to manufacturing and design. Its user-friendly interface makes the app easy to learn. The iPhone app makes 3D design portable and is a good introduction to 123D Make for PC or Mac, which is more complicated. With 123D Make for PC or Mac, you can create complex objects and export a file of your object to 3D print at WhiteClouds a 3D printing service company.