Bathtub wineglass holder. Source: ImagiGadget
Bathtub wineglass holder. Source: ImagiGadget

For those who like to drink beer and wine while taking a bath, ImagiGadget, a Seattle-based 3D printing company, has created a product line of bath accessories called Wave Hooks.

The company launched two crowd-sourcing projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, The project was successfully funded within 10 days, receiving $18, 329 of the $3,000 of their initial goal.

The Wave Hooks are made of plastic with suction cups to attach to the bathtub wall. “Even in an earthquake, it's not going anywhere,” explained Michael Aylesworth, CEO, in the Kickstarter video.

“We want to be very bullish in our expansion, but also extremely conservative and respectful of those backers who invested their money early on and expect their product on time," said Aylesworth.

He  stated, “Bringing a new product to the market is very exciting for us as the inventors and manufacturers, but when you see this kind of viral excitement in the marketplace, everyone from consumers to investors get a really incredible experience and sense of accomplishment.”

In the Kickstarter update video, Aylesworth states that with the success of the Kickstarter and Indigogo projects, the company will look into traditional manufacturing processes such as injection molding to meet the demand.

The Wave Hook products can be purchased online.