3D printed keyboard for beginning guitar players. Source: Don Bacon
3D printed keyboard for beginning guitar players. Source: Don Bacon

Learning to play the guitar can be rough on your fingers. Don Bacon of Denver, Colorado, has a solution. He created a soft-touch overlay that he calls the Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard (FFK) to make learning the guitar painless and easy.

When Bacon first learned to play, he was disappointed by the painful sores after practicing, making it difficult to learn and perform the various chords.

“There must be an easier way.” Bacon says. The thought brought him to the Finger Friendly Guitar Company Keyboard.

Bacon’s solution was to “eliminate the necessity of those soft finger tips having to press down on those hard, narrow strings by creating a keyboard so the player can press down on the key in order to play the string.”

The FFK was 3D printed in ABS plastic and can be attached to the guitar with Velcro strips. Another problem is playing the chords, since the strings are so close together. Bacon addressed this problem as well, by stacking the keys which play the strings.

“The keys which play the one, three and five strings take up that heretofore “wasted” space so that the keys give your fingers a very large target area to play the string.” notes Bacon. “But the tip of the key [which makes contact with the strings] is very small and depresses the string close enough to the fret to produce a clean sounding note or chord. The keys which play the two, four and six strings give you that same very large target while those smaller tips depress the strings exactly at the fret. Once again – good, clean sounding notes and chords.”

The 3D printed keyboard works on any standard acoustic or electric six-string guitar. It does not work for classical guitars or 12-string guitars. Bacon has launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of bringing the keyboard to the market.

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