King Arthur Figurine. Source: WhiteClouds
King Arthur Figurine. Source: WhiteClouds

According to the legend written by Geoffrey of Monmouth, King Arthur (465 A.D. - 542 A.D.) was the King of Britain. However, modern day historians consider King Arthur to be loosely based on historical events. 

Whether King or legend, Arthur is revered as the King of Camelot, the founder of the Knights of the Round Table and the only man who could withdraw the famous sword, Excalibur, from a stone. His queen, Guinevere, is said to have been unfaithful. Merlin, the most famous magician, was Arthur’s prophet and advisor. 

Model Specs:

  •             Designer: Kyle Gifford
  •             Dimensions: 3.4 x 7.7 x 5.0”
  •             Number of Layers: 863
  •             Layer Resolution: 89 microns
  •             Build Time: 4 hours, 30 minutes
  •             Printer: ProJet 660
  •             Software: Maya and Photoshop

Fun Character Facts:

  • Disney’s animation, The Sword and the Stone, is the story of young Arthur and his encounter with the famous sword Excalibur.
  • Merlin, a television mini-series, retells the story of King Arthur through the eyes of the famous wizard, Merlin.

Designer Note:

Gifford states, “King Arthur was one of the more fun characters to design because he doesn’t have an iconic look to him. Because of this, I had a great deal of freedom when it came to his design and color scheme. I tried to make him as kingly and majestic as possible, as if he were leading his troops into battle.”

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