3D Printed I mustache you a question stamp.  Source: WhiteClouds
3D Printed I mustache you a question stamp. Source: WhiteClouds

One of the most important things we can do in this life is to spend time with family. A great way to capture our memories is scrapbooking. 3D printed customized stamps are a wonderful way to personalize your memories designed specifically for your needs.


With 3D printing, customized pieces cost the same as standard pieces, which means that customizing stamps with your initials, slogans, or other personalized designs is an affordable option that is not available anywhere else. Customizable stamps are great for the seasoned stamper, perfect for the new stamper, and make a wonderful gift for just about anyone. 

Clarity and Definition of the Images

WhiteClouds creates our stamps with the Connex 500, which can print in over 100 different materials. The materials we have chosen for the stamps is a rubber-like material that provides clean, defined images with the same high-quality image as traditionally-made stamps.

Fun Facts about Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is an old art. Its roots started in the 15th century with commonplace books in England, where writers, students, philosophers, and others wrote quotes, recipes, proverbs, poems, and other subjects. Commonplace books were different than journaling and focused more on the world, literary works, and important concepts that needed to be remembered. Commonplace books are still used by writers today.

From the commonplace book emerged another format: Friendship books. Friendship books became popular in the 16th century where friends and acquaintances would write notes and sign their names. These friendship books were often created during European trips as souvenirs of their time abroad.

In the 18th and 19th century, these friendship books allowed girls to record their lives and history and become involved in literature through journaling. Without these treasures, the lives of these young girls would not have been chronicled. Friendship books gave these young women a voice not otherwise available to them and offered insight into their lives.

In the 1800s, scrapbookers used trade cards, calling cards, religious verse cards, and die-cut paper called “scrap.” Photography was invented in the 1800s and this additional element was added to the friendship books.

With the advent of photography, photos became a vital part of scrapbooks. Historical photographs of relatives are a wonderful way to chronicle family history and provide rich details about the lives of our ancestors. This knowledge enriches our understanding of where we came from.

Today, scrapbooking can take a digital, traditional, or hybrid form. There are many scrapbooking blogs that offer how-tos, ideas, and contests. For the traditional format, personalized stamps offer versatility for scrapbookers to choose from.

Get Stamping!

Once you have your personalized stamps, the fun begins! Monogrammed or signature stamps are a great option for signing Christmas cards or for the bride and groom to sign thank you cards. A quote stamp is a wonderful way to personalize letters or a scrapbook page. The possibilities are endless! What will you create?

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