OctoPod Underwater Salvage Vehicle or O.P.U.S V. Source: Sean Charlesworth
OctoPod Underwater Salvage Vehicle or O.P.U.S V. Source: Sean Charlesworth

Back in 2012, Sean Charlesworth created an impressive 3D printed steampunk octopus vehicle called OctoPod Underwater Salvage Vehicle or O.P.U.S V. Charlesworth created the O.P.U.S. V for a project in 3D modeling and animation.

The octopus vehicle features articulated arms, a customized stand with ball joints to allow numerous poses, removable panels that allow you to see inside the vehicle, working LED lights, a shelf with chains, hoist raises, a cockpit filled with buttons, captain’s chair and lighted sonar displays, plus several other intricate details.

The OctoPod was printed on a Connex500 to allow the complexity of the piece to be printed in multiple materials at a high resolution.

Charlesworth reported to writer Shane Graber, “I was working on a grad degree in 3D modeling and animation when I took a one-off class on rapid prototyping. It combined my love of digital design and hands-on mechanical design and I was hooked. I'm a toy collector and wanted to build something that I would want to buy with lots of working features and at the time I was thinking of doing a lighting assignment with an underwater scene. That led me to looking at a lot of underwater creatures and it hit me that an octopus vehicle would be great with articulated arms and would be visually striking. I took a lot of inspiration from the Nautilus in Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", I wasn't necessarily going for Steampunk but wanted a real nuts-and-bolts feel. I designed and built the model over the course of two semesters while working full-time so it ate up any free time I had. In the end it was worth it.”

We’re not surprised to report that Charlesworth’s thesis passed with distinction on May 3rd, 2013. Congratulations to Sean Charlesworth and all of the hard work he put into this project.