3D-Printed Thor Figurine.  Source: WhiteClouds
3D-Printed Thor Figurine. Source: WhiteClouds

Thor, a god from Norse Mythology, is associated with thunder, lightening, storms, oak trees, strength, hallowing, healing, fertility and the protection of mankind. Thor wears a belt and iron gloves and is best known for his powerful hammer, called Mjölnir. In modern days, Thor has appeared in books, TV shows, movies and as a Marvel Comics’ superhero.

Our 3D-printed figurine of Thor is set on a cobblestone base. The character is wielding his hammer in a powerful battle position. He has a long, flowing cape, long blond braids and dragon skull shoulder plate positioned over one of his shoulders. The detail on his face shows a fierce expression—staying true to mythology. 

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Model Specs

  • Designer: Kyle Gifford
  • Number of Layers: 531
  • Layer Resolution: 89 Microns (Slightly thinner than a human hair.)
  • Build time: 2 hours, 43 minutes
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.1 x 4.9”
  • Printer: ProJet 660Pro
  • Software Used: Maya and Photoshop

Fun Character Facts:

  • In mythology, Thor was married to Sif, the earth goddess.
  • Thor is known as the strongest of all gods and men.
  • In mythology, Thor’s hammer, known as Mjölnir, was not just used to destroy. He would also use his hammer to consecrate and bless.

Designer Note:

“This design was heavily influenced by the modern depiction of Thor, as shown by his blond hair and long red cape,” said Gifford. “The dragon skull on his shoulder is a nod to the mythical Norse creature Níðhöggr.”

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