3D printed Minecraft  mill building. Source: WhiteClouds
3D printed Minecraft mill building. Source: WhiteClouds

3D Printing Your Minecraft Creations

Minecraft fans will be excited to know that bringing your Minecraft buildings to life is now a possibility with 3D printing. WhiteClouds is a 3D printing service company and we can 3D print your Minecraft buildings. To find out to extract your file for 3D printing, read our tutorial

Minecraft is a game that allows players to build structures with blocks and move freely around the world. Creatures come out at night and players must take shelter in the structures they have created. Minecraft has millions of players worldwide and the fans describe the game as “addicting.”

Here’s what Jared Rose, a Minecraft player, has to say about 3D printing Minecraft models:

“Minecraft's creative mode also invites many people with artistic and architectural skills to really make some beautiful things. You could spend hours on YouTube looking at all the simply breath-taking things people have built using that game engine. I don't think people realize the learning and expressive potential Minecraft offers, and I think seeing 3D prints of things from the game would really be very neat and interesting, considering just what people can make in that game."

How WhiteClouds 3D Prints Minecraft Buildings

Kyle Gifford, one of our designers at WhiteClouds, describes the process of 3D printing Minecraft buildings:

“I receive the file from the customer and will rotate it as needed.  The part is checked for floating pieces, thin features/walls, and holes. Because customers are the designers with Mineways, we check for any flaws that may compromise the piece during printing or cleaning.  Other than that, we print everything exactly the way it is sent to us.

“Once the part is checked, the color is remapped from somewhere the printer can recognize. The file is then sent to production to be placed onto the build tray and then printed.  [We 3D print the part on] the ProJet 660Pro, formerly known as the ZPrinter, because of its ability to print in color. We use a combination of brushes and air compressors to remove excess powder from the part. It is then sealed within a super glue that brings out the color and strengthens the piece.”

Create a Christmas Village with Minecraft

Since Minecraft allows players to build any kind of structure you can dream up, why not create a Christmas village with your Minecraft buildings? You could create and customize exactly what you want your village to look like and then 3D print the buildings for a personalized Christmas village. A Minecraft village would be an incredibly unique way to decorate and celebrate the season while showcasing your creativity. Bonus: You can keep your Minecraft "Christmas village" up all year long.

3D Print your Minecraft Building

Upload your Minecraft world to a 3D printing service such as WhiteClouds and we can 3D print it and ship it to your door!

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