Afinia calibrating the nozzle. Source: Afinia
Afinia calibrating the nozzle. Source: Afinia

The last step in preparing the Afinia 3D printer is the calibration of the nozzle. 

As noted in BOLD in the User’s Manuel, this step is probably the MOST important step in the entire process of preparing the 3D printer for a successful printing experience. To be successful, the nozzle needs to be 0.2mm from the platform at any given location.

To calibrate the nozzle, we returned to the Maintenance dialog box in the 3D Print Menu and clicked the Center button. Once again we used the To: button and slowly brought the platform up so that the nozzle was 0.2mm from the platform at the center position.  Then we rechecked the other positions; FL, FR, NR, NL. Finally we clicked the Set Nozzle Height button to save the setting.

The software will indicate the maximum nozzle height, and the current nozzle height. In the case of the example below, the Maximum nozzle height is 132.7 and the Current nozzle height is 0.00. 

Note:  To verify that the nozzle is 0.2 mm away from the platform, fold a paper in half and slip the two layers between the platform and the nozzle.

The Printer is now ready to print.