Afinia leveling the Platform. Source: Afinia
Afinia leveling the Platform. Source: Afinia

The Afinia 3D Printer can produce beautiful prints as long as several conditions are met.  One of these conditions is that the platform MUST be level.  This leveling procedure must take place before the initial print.

First we opened the Maintenance dialog box in the 3D Print menu. Then we clicked the To: button which caused the platform to raise to the height of 117.7 indicated by the numbers in the box to the right of the To: button. We then inserted the number 131 into the box and once again clicked the To: button. The nozzle was now about 1/8” from the platform.  

We slowly increased the number by 0.1 increments, each time clicking the To: button to enter the change until the platform was within 2 mm from the nozzle.  The user manual suggested that we fold a regular weight paper in half and then slide the two layers between the nozzle and the platform.  We did this and the height of the platform in our particular case needed to be 132.  

Next, we used the five position buttons in the Maintenance dialog box to verify that the nozzle was 2mm from the platform at each position. As we clicked on each button, FL, FR, NL, NR, the nozzle relocated to that position on the platform. 

In our case, the platform was NOT completely level and we used the three leveling screws found UNDER the platform to make the needed adjustments. Turning the screw clockwise will raise the related corner of the platform, and turning the screw counter-clockwise will lower the platform.  We kept adjusting the screws and checking the level of the platform until all 5 points were 2mm from the nozzle. 

Note:  After correctly leveling the platform, it should remain level. However, checking it periodically is advised. Warping of the printed model is a sure sign that the platform needs to be leveled again.