Shaking hands. Source: EDHAR/
Shaking hands. Source: EDHAR/

Our interaction with Afinia Technical Support has been pleasant and helpful.  The first issue arose the day we connected the iMac and the Afinia. They did not play well together. 

Setup went as expected until we hit the print button at which time the color wheel of death appeared and the program crashed. We called Afinia Technical Support at 1-952-279-2643. After a very brief wait we were able to speak with Dustin. He was very courteous and grasped the situation quickly. Even though he had not seen our particular issue before, he was able to remotely connect to the computer, take a snapshot of a crash report, make some changes in the printing commands and in less than 20 minutes the iMac was printing its first model. 

Our second experience with Afinia Technical Support was during the fifth model printing when 20 minutes into a three-hour print job, the iMac had a case of the hiccups and once again the Afinia 3D printing software froze. This time we spoke to Josh. He suggested that I disconnect the printer from the computer after the job has been sent. We followed this advice and was able to print without incident. 

Another repair required returning the printer to Afinia because the nozzle would not heat up. Once again, we called Afinia Technical Support, they supplied us with instructions and an RMA number. We shipped the 3D printer to them to be repaired in house. The turn-around time was 10 days. 

Most recently, in two separate incidences, the platform made an odd banging sound, indicating that it was hitting against something. We made a call to Afinia Technical Support and they talked us through the entire repair. We were instructed to remove the platform, open up the arm to which the platform was attached and reposition the belt that moves the platform on the Z axis. This repair required the removal of 4 screws, removing the silver clip attached to the belt, and then repositioning the clip on the belt so that the platform could move the entire distance back and forth. I asked tech support if this was a common problem since I had experienced it twice in a two-month period. I was informed that it was not uncommon and was caused by the belt having two much give. 

Overall our experience with Afinia Technical Support has been positive. They have always been knowledgeable about the different issues that we have called them about. Also, they have been willing to take the time to talk us through the steps to a repair or fix the printer in-house.