Autodesk Meshmixer screenshot. Source: Autodesk
Autodesk Meshmixer screenshot. Source: Autodesk

Autodesk, a 3D modeling software company, updated their program Meshmixer with a new all-in-one suite featuring tools specifically created for 3D printing. Meshmixer is a free 3D modeling program with mixing, sculpting, healing, stamping, and painting tools available for the PC or Mac.

The new features include 3D Print Preview that allows users to analyze models based on the 3D printer, material visualization, and print repair, hollow and thicken tools. There are also over 10,000 models available in the Gallery for users to download for free. The app will also allow users to edit and combine multiple objects to form one object for 3D printing. Meshmixer can also be used to repair files from scans.

Along with the new 3D printing tools, some of the changes include a new user interface that allows easier access to the features. A row of icons on the left-hand side show an overview of each and every feature or tool. Users can also choose to navigate the scenes with either Classic Meshmixer style controls or the style of mouse navigation used in the other 123D apps.

Meshmixer helps streamline the process of 3D printing. Once the app has been downloaded, whenever users click “3D Print” on any of Autodesk’s 123D apps, the model will automatically be loaded into Meshmixer for preparation and refinement to get it ready for 3D printing. Meshmixer also allows users to control and customized the amount of support material used to 3D print the project.

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For a basic overview of the program, check out the Meshmixer Manual

Download Autodesk Meshmixer