Thanksgiving table and decorations. Source Sandra Cunningham/
Thanksgiving table and decorations. Source Sandra Cunningham/

If you have a 3D printer, there are some fun things that you can get on Thingiverse to decorate your table for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or for any time of the year. Thingiverse is hosted by Makerbot and has free 3D files that you can download and print at home. We took the liberty of compiling our top ten favorites. Check them out!

Here are ten fun autumn decorations you can 3D print:

1.      Spoonriders

Spoonriders are little characters that can be attached to your spoon. These little utensil figurines include Yoda, Cthulhu, Gorn, and many more. These are a fantastic way to bring whimsy to the breakfast table.

2.      Fall Napkin Rings

These fall napkin rings are great for Halloween and the autumn season. Enjoy an owl, a pumpkin, and a cauldron. These napkin rings are a great addition for your dinnerware collection.

3.      Sporkle Axe

The sporkle axe allows you to “eat, shave, and fend off orcs,” according to the designer. You can defend yourself from monsters while shoveling food into your mouth. Bonus: The sporkle axe can also be used a catapult.

4.      Portion Control Utensils

For those of us trying to lose weight, portion control utensils can help. The portion control utensils allow only a small amount of food onto the fork or spoon. The idea is that by eating smaller bites, you will eat more slowly, and realize you are full before you have eaten everything on your plate en masse. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

5.      Cauldron and Spoon

The cauldron and spoon is just plain cute. This is a great Halloween decoration for your dinner table or just about anywhere. Celebrate Halloween with this witch’s cauldron!

6.      Fairy Bottle or Bud Vase

Although this isn’t a fall seasonal item, it was too neat to ignore. This vase is shaped like a fairy bottle or bud and it will add a touch of magic and fantasy into your home.

7.      Chinese Throwing Spork

Enjoy cutlery that doubles as a weapon. Chinese throwing sporks will satisfy your hunger as well as your inner ninja.

8.      Sporkchucks

A great addition to the Chinese throwing spork are the sporkchucks. It’s the same concept, only more interesting. The designer advises to share an ice cream with your love interest and the two of you will come together like Lady and the Tramp.

9.      The Great Pumpkin

For Charlie Brown fans, the Great Pumpkin is finally here! Decorate for Halloween with the classic (and never seen) Great Pumpkin.

10.  Christmas Pudding Tree Decoration

Get ready for Christmas with 3D printed Christmas ornaments. This fun ornament will look like a treat on your tree!

3D Print Holiday Decorations with WhiteClouds

Don’t have your own 3D printer? You can upload your designs to a 3D printing service company such as WhiteClouds and we will 3D print it for you and ship it to your door. Decorating for the holidays couldn’t be simpler.

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