Happy Valentine's Day. Source: GalaStudio/Shutterstock.com
Happy Valentine's Day. Source: GalaStudio/Shutterstock.com

The origins of Valentine’s Day are a bit muddled. St. Valentine, a Christian priest who married couples, was captured and beheaded for aiding Christians by the Roman Emperor Claudius on February 14th, 269 A.D. Legend has it that St. Valentine cured the jailor’s blind daughter and sent her a note saying “From your Valentine.”

There was also a Roman holiday called Lupercalia that was celebrated between the days of February 13-15 to celebrate the Roman god Lupercus, the god of shepherds. The festival was a wild one: a dog and a goat were sacrificed, followed by a feast. Then strips of hide from the sacrificial animals were used to lash any woman that the young men found in their path. However violent this may seem to us now, the lashings were considered a good omen and said to make women fertile. Later, young men would draw the name of a girl out of a jar and the two would celebrate the day together.

In an effort to change this holiday into a more acceptable form, The Pope Gelasius I changed the Lupercalia lottery to have both young men and women to draw the name of a saint instead and the goal was to spend the year trying to emulate the saint.

Today, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic dinners, chocolates and candies, and flowers. Each year, there’s an effort to come up with something more unique than the typical red heart box of chocolates, a dozen red roses, and candlelit dinner.

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