Blokify logo. Source: Blokify
Blokify logo. Source: Blokify

“3D printing and modeling. For everyone.”

Blokify is an entertaining and easy-to-use app for builders of all ages. It is available for iOS devices free through the App Store here. Blokify allows you to build stuff, simply. But what sets this app apart is that you can easily 3D print your creation. It’s no longer just about the digital 3D image—it’s about something you can hold in your hand.

The Blokify user interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Sometimes navigating a 3D rendering can be difficult, especially with a touch screen. Blokify is different; the finger gestures in this app seem natural and the object does what you want it to do.

You are able to choose from a variety of bricks that best fit your needs. Some of the bricks are free and there are others you can purchase. You can purchase upgrades with diamonds which are purchased with money.

There are also three kits to choose from: Castle Mountain, Pirate Sea, and Space Platform. Each kit has a different environment and different blocks. Castle Mountain is free while Pirate Sea and Space Platform are not.   

Blokify provides the fun of building blocks anywhere, anytime. When you’re done, there’s nothing to clean up. 

Here are the basics*:

Finger Movements

  • One finger tap: Drop a block or select.
  • Hold finger on block: Delete block.
  • One finger swipe: Pan your creation.
  • Two finger swipe: Rotate your object.
  • Two finger pinch: Zoom in.
  • Two finger spread: Zoom out.

Menus and Tools

Upper-right Menu ( > )

  • New = Clears the build area so you can create a new object.
  • Share = Share your creation with the Blokify community.
  • 3D Print = Email yourself an STL file of your object so you can 3D print your object at home or you can send the file to a 3D printing service, like WhiteClouds. You can also click Order Online to order your object. 
  • Environment = Choose a new environment for your model. You must purchase new kits to add more environments.
  • Add Title = Name your model.

Undo/Redo Tool = Tap this tool to undo/delete your last block. Scroll the wheel clockwise to redo your last block. Scroll the wheel counter-clockwise to undo many blocks.

Upper-left Menu

  • Bloks = Select different styles of blocks.
  • Kits = Purchase different kits. The Castle Mountain kit is free.
  • Models = Shows all of the models you have created. Hold your finger on the model to delete it. This is a good feature so you can close the app and then open a model and begin where you left off.
  • Shared = Displays shared models by the Blokify community.
  • Diamonds = Purchase more diamonds to buy kits.
    • Settings = This is located under the diamond menu. Here you can turn on and off Sound effects, Music and the Babygate. The Babygate function is to block accidental purchases by answering a simple math question first.

We tested the print feature and printed the castle on the MakerBot Replicator 2 and on the Cube. You can see the image below. There were no problems with the exported STL file and the prints turned out great. 

Blokify is an app that does what it says. It’s “3D printing and modeling for everyone.” You’re not going to create complex parts or detailed creatures with Blokify, but for building and 3D printing basic objects, this is a great app.

*Blokify recently released an update that changed some of the features. More information about the update can be found here.