Anniversary presents, wine, roses. Source: LilieGraphie,
Anniversary presents, wine, roses. Source: LilieGraphie,

"Love and mutual respect” are the ingredients needed to have a happy marriage, according to Jack and Bess Skelton who celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on July 26, 2013 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. They met on a dance floor and have been singing and dancing ever since. Bess, 100, claims, “We’ve been happy all of our lives, and Jack, 98, adds, “And if you’re singing, you’re likely happy.”1

Robert and Susan Erskine, from Edinburgh, Scotland beat the odds when they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on January 1, 2012. Robert, 100, and Susan, 99, married in 1937 after being engaged for five years. Since WWII they have not spent a single day apart. Susan says that the secret to such a long relationship “is to always try and agree and get along, it’s as simple as that.”2

Whether a marriage is one year young or seventy-five years old, the wedding anniversary is a very important date to remember. The celebration of the wedding anniversary seems to go back to medieval Germany where it was customary for a wife to receive a wreath of silver when she had lived with her husband for twenty-five years. To mark a fifty-year marriage, a wife was presented with a gold wreath.  Today these special celebrations are known as the “silver wedding” and the “golden wedding” anniversaries.  The 75th anniversary is known as the diamond anniversary.

Anniversary Traditions 

In the popular Blue Book of Social Usage of 1922, "Emily Post stated that the “eight anniversaries known to all” were the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries. Mrs. Post continued, "Until comparatively modern times, the eight anniversaries were all that were acknowledged."3

In the 21st century, couples celebrate their anniversary every year.  Tradition dictates that at each anniversary a specific, symbolic gift be given. Friends and family will usually join in on the festivities for the silver and golden anniversaries.

Traditionally, the first year of marriage is considered to be the year of adjustment. The symbolic gift is made of paper because strength comes when the individual threads of paper are interlaced. An excellent gift for the first year is an anniversary journal where memories of each future anniversary can be recorded. The contemporary gift is a clock. Henry Van Dyke wrote, “For those who love, time is eternity.”

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

1st Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl, peridot or gold jewelry

1st Anniversary Color: Gold or yellow

1st Anniversary Flower: Orange blossom or pansy

Orange blossoms stand for innocence, purity, eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness, and fertility. Pansies represent that the recipient is being remembered.

The second anniversary was traditionally celebrated with cotton symbolizing that the couple has become more comfortable or cozy in their relationship.  Cotton also symbolizes the prosperity for which every couple hopes. The modern gift is china because love and china are seen as beautiful and elegant. An excellent gift for this anniversary is Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases.

2nd Anniversary Gemstone: Garnet

2nd Anniversary Color: Red

2nd Anniversary Flower: Cosmos

The cosmos flower represents modesty.

The third year anniversary should incorporate leather into the celebration. Leather signifies durability in a relationship. It is flexible, strong, warm, and of course, durable.  These qualities are found in a marriage that has been successful for three years.  The contemporary gift is crystal because of the way that light dances on the multifaceted glass. It is to signify that a successful marriage touches and influences the lives of many people.   

3rd Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl or jade

3rd Anniversary Color: White or green

3rd Anniversary Flower: Fuchsia

The fuchsia flower represents good taste.

Regardless of which anniversary you are celebrating, a love letter encased in a beautiful card is always in order. At WhiteClouds you can have a personalized, customizable stamp 3D-printed. Use your stamp to create a unique, one-of-a-kind card to share the love and appreciation you feel for your spouse. You can then use the same 3D printed stamp to embellish a scrapbook that highlights memories of the past year. Personalize your stamp today and start creating a work of heart. 

Anniversary Card How-to


One 5½“ x 8½” white cardstock

One 5½”x 4 ¼” white cardstock

One 5¼” x 4” black cardstock

Red stamp pad 

Hearts WhiteClouds custom stamp 

Big Shot Die-Cutting Machine

Pretty Print Textured Impressions Embossing Folder* 


Multipurpose Liquid Glue


1.      To create base card, fold 5½“ x 8½” white cardstock in half to measure 5½ ”x 4¼”.

2.      Dry emboss black cardstock.

3.      Stamp heart in red on 5½”x 4 ¼” white cardstock.

4.      Cut out stamped image.

5.      Apply glue and glitter to heart of stamped image.

6.      Glue layers together.

7.      Assemble

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