EKOCYLCE 3D printer and will.i.am. Source: 3D Systems
EKOCYLCE 3D printer and will.i.am. Source: 3D Systems

Coca-Cola, 3D Systems, and 3D Systems’ Chief Creative Officer, will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas present a 3D printer that uses recycled plastic Coca-cola bottles as filament. The 3D printer is called EKOCYCLY Cube.

The filament, rPET, is a flexible filament that consists of 3 used Coca-Cola bottles. Twenty-five percent of the filament is made of recycled plastic, yet still retains its durability. Available colors include red, black, white, and natural.

EKOCYCLE is $1,199 and includes a free collection of 25 fashion, music, and tech accessories, created by will.i.am. The printer features 70-micron resolution and up to 6 inches cubed in sized, with supports and auto settings. The printer has two extruders and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

“The EKOCYCLE is not just another tool for making, it is a revolutionary tool for RE-making, and encourages and helps us to change the way we think about recycling,” stated 3D Systems.

will.i.am stated that the goal of EKOCYCLE is to “partner with the most influential brands around the world and use technology, art, style and inspiration to change an entire culture. We will make it cool to recycle, and we will make it cool to make products using recycled materials. This is the beginning of a more sustainable 3D-printed lifestyle. Waste is only waste if we waste it.”

EKOCYCLE Cube printers are expected to start shipping during the second half of 2014.