The Cube 3D printer box. Credit: WhiteClouds
The Cube 3D printer box. Credit: WhiteClouds

By Contributing Writer, Jennifer Jarrett

 Shopping for a 3D printer is fun, but not nearly as fun as having it arrive on your doorstep and actually printing with it! During the shopping process, we found that The Cube 3D printer comes in five different colors: silver, white, magenta, green or blue. We ordered a green one. Depending upon where you live, you also get to choose a power cord suited to your needs. Cubify offers ABS and PLA cartridges, each with sixteen colors to choose from. The Cube will come with a neon green PLA cartridge, but variety is always a nice option so we added a tan, a red, and a silver cartridge to our order as well.

The Cube 3D printer comes with everything you will need to start printing as soon as it arrives, which is exactly what we did! The cardboard box arrived, and we waited only long enough to snap a photo as we opened it. Packaged carefully inside was the Cube 3D printer and the extra printer cartridges that we had ordered. Once that box was opened, and the 3D printer removed, we found the user guide, the print pad, the neon green PLA plastic cartridge, the cube tube, a cube stick, a USB stick, and the power cord. If you are anything like us, you are excited to know what each of these does and why each one of them comes packaged with the 3D printer.

●You won’t find any software packaged with the Cube 3D printer, so the User Manual is a very important item. It will give you instructions on how to set up a Cubify account, how to download the software, and how to set up your printer and begin creating 3D printouts.

●The print pad is a square glass pad on which all of your 3D creations will be printed. It is fairly easy to place in the Cube 3D printer because it has a rectangular magnet on the bottom which locks it into place on the printer.

●Depending on how much you know about 3D printing and what you plan to do with your printer, you will know whether you want more ABS or PLA plastic cartridges. As mentioned above, the Cube 3D printer comes with a neon green PLA cartridge, in addition to the three ABS cartridges we added, we had at least one of each to use for our creations.

●The Cube Tube that comes with the 3D printer is a small tube that you push the plastic material/filament through. The Cube Tube serves the purpose of feeding the filament into the printer and reduces filament clogs or shortages while in the printer is in use.

●The Cube Stick is similar to a glue stick. One stick will come packaged with the 3D printer. When you are ready to print, you will run the Cube Stick over the print pad so that a thin layer of sticky gel appears. The gel is designed to help your creations stick to the print pad and lay flat throughout the print job. Without the gel, the hot filament being fed through the print jet may get drug across the print plate with the printer head.

●The Cube USB stick is a flash drive with 2 GB of memory. It creates a way for you to store and/or transfer files for your creations from the computer to the 3D printer. You can print files without the use of a USB stick, to do this, you will wirelessly connect your Cube 3D Printer to your computer and transfer files using the downloadable software you installed.

●The final item you will find packaged with your Cube 3D printer is the power cord. This cord is the power supply for the printer as it does not run on batteries. It is simple to connect and a good length that should be accommodating for various circumstances.

After pulling everything out of the box, we started reading the manual and simultaneously putting everything together so that we could see what role each part played and, most importantly, begin printing. The Cube 3D printer is a very user friendly printer and focuses on ease and usability. Within moments of having all the parts pulled out of the box, we were able to print our first creation, a heart with our initials printed on the top. We look forward to printing more customized creations and hope your set-up and use of the Cube 3D printer goes as smoothly as ours did!