Photography scrapbooking card. Source: WhiteClouds
Photography scrapbooking card. Source: WhiteClouds

One of the fantastic purposes of scrapbooking is to preserve our memories. But what about the future of scrapbooking? With each passing year, new technologies inundate our lives, bringing ease to our lives, but also a sense of nostalgia. The memories of grandma baking in the kitchen, our children’s first day of school, remembering old friends and first loves brings us joy and a sense of belonging. These memories are not about to go away, so what can technology do to help us preserve our precious memories?

One of the benefits of technology is the ability to personalize and customize things we need. Customization is becoming more affordable with each passing year. Highly personalized stamps are the wave of the future and they’re already here with 3D printing.

SuZan Brown, an experienced scrapbooker, has been using 3D printed stamps and has helped design some personalized stamps for herself.

“In the past "personalized stamps" meant an address stamp, usually for a business that fit within specific parameters,” Brown said. “With the advent of 3D printing, a stamper is only limited by their ability to imagine.  If you can imagine it, you can print it.” 

3D printing builds the custom stamp layer by layer and eliminates the need for a mold. This makes it a viable option making custom stamps practical. The technology offers stampers the freedom to create.

“As a scrapbooker and stamper of 20 years, I have had many moments where I felt like Goldilocks because my stamp was too big, too small and seldom just right,” Brown said.  “Numerous times, the image I was attempting to work with was oriented in the wrong direction.  Invariably I would want it to face right instead of left or vice versa. Sentiments and quotes have been a problem because the wording was so generic or the font didn't fit the mood I was trying to set with my art. Many times I found myself adjusting my project size to meet the stamp instead of the stamp complementing my project of choice.”  

Brown continued, “3D printing and the freedom to customize takes away a myriad of the obstacles that has limited my creativity. I can now choose to stamp with any image I can imagine, from a silhouette of my beautiful granddaughter to my personal motto in a font that expresses the message perfectly. I can also choose the size of image I want to stamp, from a small image to complement a thank-you card to a large image that compliments a birthday banner. The shape, direction and wording of any given project is now completely controlled by the design I envision. Now, I can be the master of the work from my heart.”  

You can put your own text on stamps or even make your own designs to fit your needs. Your stamp can be derived from a drawing that you sketch, an uploaded photograph, or an image. At WhiteClouds, we offer this service through 3D printing. 3D printing is a technology that squirts out material and builds the stamps layer by layer, which allows easy and affordable customization.

We caught up with Jess Schenk, a designer at WhiteClouds, and asked her about the benefits of 3D printed stamps and the material used to create them.

“Custom stamps are available at prices you are used to paying for items that have been mass produced,” Jess explained. “Our stamps are 3D printed in Ultraviolet-cured rubber-like material with attributes that are perfect for stamps. Stampers love the natural tacky back on our stamps because they don’t need to treat our stamps to get them to adhere to standard acrylic stamp blocks. If the stamp loses its stick you can rinse it with water and it comes right back.”

The cost of customized and personally designed stamps is comparable to stamps on the market today. This personalization offers the freedom to create scrapbooking based around your needs.

WhiteClouds creates stamps with the Connex 500, which can print in over 100 different materials. The material we have chosen for the stamps is a rubber-like material that provides clean, defined images with the same high-quality image as traditionally-made stamps.

To get your personalized stamps, browse WhiteClouds’ stamps and explore the possibilities. We will create your customized stamps and ship them directly to your door. Find the stamps you need today and get those special projects going! If you have your own design in mind, WhiteClouds is a 3D printing service that can bring your designs to life.