3D Printed Star stamp with customizable text. Source: WhiteClouds
3D Printed Star stamp with customizable text. Source: WhiteClouds

We know how important capturing life’s precious moments are and we have been creating a truly expansive set of scrapbooking stamps that will add uniqueness and splendor to your collection.

Many of our stamps are personalized, so that you can add customized text to meet your scrapbooking needs. Our collection continues to grow as we come up with more and more exciting ideas for preserving and creating memories at the same time.

Here, we talk with Nicole Patene, our creative crafter behind our stamp collection. She’s busy working on designs to satisfy even the most avid stamper and scrap-booker aficionado.

What inspires your designs?

Sometimes it’s random stuff that pops into my head, other times it’s things that I see other people working in their designs and sometimes it’s just clipart that I see online.

How is this design different from other products out there?

For one, that they are 3D printed and that you will be able to put custom text on your stamps.

How do you think your designs will help people or fill a need?

My designs would help people fill their stamp collections. It could help scrapbookers and it’s just creative to have stamps that are unique and/or personalized.

What software do you use to create the designs?

I use the 3D program SolidWorks to make the stamps, but I also use a free software call Inkscape to auto trace the clipart that I find and that I want to use for a stamp.

What 3D printer are you using to print the final design?

The Connex 500.

Tell us about your process from the start of a new design to finish.

  • I pick a design that I want to do
  • If needed, auto trace the picture/clipart with Inkscape
  • Bring up the sketch from the auto tracing into SolidWorks
  • Scale the sketch to the size that I want the stamp to be
  • I extrude that sketch to the right height to create the part of the stamp that you put ink on
  • You have to remember that the part you put ink on is backwards, so when you stamp it on a piece of page it’s the right way
  • Next, you put what custom text you want and where it would look good
  • Offset the outside edge to create the sketch to make the part of the stamp that will hold the design together and stick the stamp to the block
  • Next I extrude that sketch to the right height
  • Now I put somewhere the WhiteClouds logo.

What, if any post-production processes do you do?

I think the post-production processes with the Connex for the stamps is just to rinse off the support material.

What is the most common problem you’ve encountered and how did you solve it?Figuring out where to put the custom text; how I solve that is just to play around with different positions of the text and find out where it looks good.

What is the most exciting thing about your work?

It will be fun seeing my stamp designs printed out.

Finally, what tips would you give to home users trying to design the same type of thing?

I don’t know what software they will be using, but to be creative in the design that you are making.

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