Roaring T-Rex. Source: DM7/
Roaring T-Rex. Source: DM7/

Archaeologists are busy unearthing a new discovery! 3D printing enables archaeologists to print 3D scanned artifacts and create replicas of artifacts. This is a great tool for educational purposes. Students can handle replicas of artifacts and explore their properties without damaging the original.

The Medelhavsmuseet museum in Stockholm has 3D scanned mummies, which allows visitors to interact with the virtual mummy by peeling away wrappings, zooming in on artifacts, and examining the human beneath the sarcophagus. Here at WhiteClouds, our resident paleontologist, Kyle Gifford, has dug up some neat dinosaur discoveries.

Well, Kyle isn’t really a paleontologist, but he is one of our talented designers. Here is what Kyle has to say about our dinosaurs:

What dinosaurs are you making?

We currently have several freelancers designing all types of dinosaurs for us. Our library is slowly growing, and we hope to have thousands of dinosaur models at our disposal. 

Are the dinosaurs realistic or cartoony?

At the moment we are working on realistic dinosaurs. We will have cartoon versions available in other categories on our website.

What colors do they come in?

The dinosaurs can be printed in any color we want them to be. Sticking with our realistic dinosaur approach, however, we aim to keep true to what we feel would be closest colors and patterns of the real thing.

What 3D printers are you using?

Currently, we use a ZPrinter 650 to print out our dinosaur models. The ZPrinter is unique because it uses a sandstone base, and prints in a million different colors.  The sandstone base is then coated with a special super glue, leaving the models solid and durable.

What is the most fun thing about making dinosaurs?

Posing the dinosaurs, adding color, watching them print, all of it is really fun!  It's like living a childhood dream being able to do this kind of stuff for work every day.

3D Printed Dinosaurs

WhiteClouds is a 3D printing service company and we offer a selection of dinosaurs, including steampunk dinosaurs and dragons! 

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