3D printed skulls. Source: WhiteClouds
3D printed skulls. Source: WhiteClouds

Halloween is a great opportunity to explore the gruesome. Each year, bigger and better Halloween costumes, carved pumpkins, and decorations make their way into households everywhere. So how can you take it to the next level?

3D printed skulls have become huge and they’re a great way to decorate for Halloween. Most 3D printed skulls are only available in white, but WhiteClouds has a fine selection of colors and designs for you to choose from. These skulls make a fine tabletop piece, complete with cobwebs and flanked by black candles and pumpkins. Placing one of these skulls on the pillow of your family members, roommates, and friends will surely scare up some thrills. However you choose to use the skulls, it’ll be sure to be a hit.

Why Choose Skulls?

Skulls are the symbol of mortality: Throughout history, humans have used skulls for various purposes and we are still using the skull as a symbol of death, perfect for Halloween. Plenty of realistic skulls are available, but dressing it up with bright, bold patterns means that you can bring out these skulls for any time of the year.

"Spooktacular" Decorating Tips

Masters of Halloween will undoubtedly come up with unique ways to use these skulls to their best advantage. For younger children, these skulls will also be perfect since they’re brightly colored and fun to look at. Here are some fun ideas for Halloween decorating:

  • Try placing several skulls in a glass cake stand with fake spiders and cobwebs.
  • Make a centerpiece of tiered skulls on a cupcake display. Surround with black candles
  • Place a skull next to flowers covered in cobwebs and a cracked hand mirror
  • Place a fake crow or raven next to the skull as if it’s picking the bones
  • Use a skull as a topper for a jar of candy
  • Display skulls in jars or glass cloches
  • Place a skull next a tombstone (note: Skulls are not waterproof and should be kept indoors)
  • Line skulls up on a shelf with hanging portraits to match

WhiteClouds has an excellent selection of 3D printed skulls. Order yours today!

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