123D Catch Online
123D Catch Online

123D Catch Online makes it possible for the user to turn a 3D object into a 3D printable file. The Welcome Screen offers the opportunity to Start a New Capture, Start with an Example or Open from the Gallery:

Start a New Capture

Before clicking on the large button at the bottom of the page, view the essential tips so that your capture will be a success.   

  • Place your object on a newspaper, printed cloth or place sticky notes with random symbols around the object to give a point of reference. 
  • The object or person must NOT move.
  • Plain, reflective or transparent surfaces or objects will not work.
  • Shoot about 20 sequential photographs in small increments around all sides of your object/subject.
  • Save model to your online account.

After you have reviewed the Essential tips, click Start a New Capture and you will be able to choose and upload the sequence of photos you wish to use to create your capture. Once your project is uploaded, you are ready to Open from the Gallery. 

Start with an Example

You can begin working with one of the five captures that has already been photographed and captured.  Select one of these files and you will be taken to the Catch Workspace where you can manipulate your object/subject.

Open from the Gallery. 

Another option is to open from the Gallery, which takes you into the online community where you have access to your personal files or the files that other community members have uploaded. Also you have the option to browse, like and comment on community captures.

Preparing Capture for 3D Printing

Once you choose the selected file, you will be taken to the Catch Workspace where you can edit and fabricate your capture:

  • Orbit – rotates the current view
  • Pan – moves the camera side to side
  • Zoom – enlarges your object
  • View capture with or without outlines. 

You have to option to download 123D Catch to your computer. By doing so, you will have access to the healing tools that allow you to make significant changes to your capture. 

  • Select Tool – you can lasso or paint select the part of the capture that you wish to edit.
  • Plane Cut Tool – cuts and fills the model.
  • Delete and Fill – remove unwanted details or fill in gaps in your capture.

Finally, your capture is ready to be printed.  You can have it printed at 123D’s printing service, download your file to your computer and print it with your home 3D printer, or send it to a 3D printing service of your choice. 

For more information Autodesk 123D offers 12 online videos that take you through the entire process; from capture to print.