123D Creature
123D Creature

The phrase “things that go bump in the night” was coined early in the 20th century in reference to ghosts and goblins. In 1918 this phrase can be found in the Bulletin of the School Oriental and African Studies and again in The Cornish and West Country Litany, printed in 1926.

Autodesk expounded upon this phrase with the release of the iPad app, 123D Creature. Artists of all ages can create creatures that are fun and whimsical or nightmare material. The iPad and 123D Creature make creating in 3D very simple. 

Upon opening the app, you begin with three options: Create New, My Projects, and Community.  Create New provides a basic skeleton that can be customized by dragging, pinching and pulling. My Projects is a personal library where creatures can be saved. Community is the vehicle used to share your creature with others.

You can use several actions in the creation of the creature: 

Create: Limbs can be created from any of the seven basic joints.

Move: Joints can be repositioned and a camera allows for the rotation of the creature.

Shape: Bones can be made thicker or thinner by dragging up or down.

Pose: Limbs can be rotated and manipulated.

Scale:  Limbs can be scaled to the desired size.

Once the skeleton has been formed, it goes through several steps to prepare it for the final touches:  When Bake Skeleton is selected, the oven is preheated, bio-gel is sprayed on the creature which is then baked, covered in primer paint and finally cooled in preparation for the final touches that include, but are not limited to, refined surface details, texture and color. 

The actions available at this point are Sculpt, Paint and Render. Sculpt offers 6 tools: Sculpt Out, Sculpt In, Smooth, Sharpen, Flatten and Grab. Paint can be applied in any desired color or images can be rubbed on the creature. Finally, Render allows the creature to be placed on a background of color, special effects or a picture for the photo library. 

After the creature meets your specifications, it can be saved to your device, shared in the online community, uploaded to Sculpteo or the Cloud. Once your creature is in the Cloud, it can be accessed in your account at 123app.com and then downloaded as a MTL and OBJ file to your computer. Finally, you can upload the file to be printed by a 3D printing company such as WhiteClouds where creature creation has been taken to a whole new level. At WhiteClouds your creature will be 3D printed and then delivered to your door.