Morphi is a simple, extremely easy-to-use, powerhouse for 3D object creation.  The basic app is FREE at the iTunes app store and features seven shapes. An extensive Shapes Pack with 18 more shapes, letters and numbers is available through an in-app purchase from the Morphi Store. 

The Guide, found in the top left-hand corner of the screen, offers 10+ short, instructional video tutorials.

Meet Morphi (1:36) – brief overview of Morphi

Before Using Morphi (0:46) – suggestions to enhance your Morphi session

Gallery. 3D Printing. (2:24) – Introduces the gallery and explains how to turn your virtual art into a 3D printed object

Ideas Button  (0:38) – top right-hand corner of screen, THE PLACE to spark your creativity

The 3D Design Space (1:22) – Supports FIVE tool bars, three toolbars (top, bottom left corner and right side) default to showing in the workspace until hidden with a tap on “hide” tab, two toolbars (left side and bottom) appear when an object is selected

The Grid (1:14) –Workspace where everything is created

Selecting 3D Objects (1:19) – Grid and placement of objects are controlled by finger motions and/or bottom left corner toolbar

Rotating. Resizing. (1:12) - Special controls, such as center compass, up/down arrow, rotation arcs and left and bottom tool bars, appear when object(s) is selected

Shapes. Text. Colors. (1:46) – Right side toolbar controls shape, text, and color

3D Modeling Tools (2:41) – Copy, merge object, align left, right or center, add/subtract and group objects, etc.

Save. Undo-Redo. (1:46) – Top toolbar opens gallery, allows user to save at any time, the app auto saves every 3 minutes, offers undo and redo buttons. Also supports changes to grid, background, and camera for taking photos of workspace

After creating your work of art in Morphi, it is very easy to upload the STL file to a personal 3D printer or you can send it to a 3D printing service provider.