Xbox Kinect. Source: Xbox
Xbox Kinect. Source: Xbox

How to Scan with an Xbox Kinect

You can use the Xbox Kinect to 3D scan objects and use the scans for 3D printing. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up your computer and Xbox Kinect to access the scanning feature.

First, we will download a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) from

  • Uninstall all Kinect programs
  • Go to Driver Devices
  • Select Display Drivers and choose Graphics Processor
  • Right-click Graphics Processor and select Update Driver Software
  • Click Search for Automatic Driver Software (must have an internet connection)
  • Follow the Update instructions
  • Open an Internet Browser and go to this link:
  • Click on Graphics Drivers (requires Java)
  • Run the Wizard

The next step is to download a 3D capture sensor from

  • Go to this link:
  • Select Projects
  • Select reconstructmeqt
  • Click on Downloads
  • Select reconstructme setup 1.174Exe
  • Open the download and click Run
  • Run the Wizard and follow the prompts
  • Select the driver (e.g., Kinect for Xbox etc.)
  • Install the program

Now, we will plug in the Xbox Kinect to the computer and begin scanning.

  • Plug in your Xbox Kinect
  • Plug in the USB cord from the Kinect adapter to the computer
  • Prop the Kinect on a flat surface
  • Place the object (or person) to be scanned on a stool or chair
  • Open reconstructme
  • The Configure window will open automatically
  • The Configure box will display an X for the unlicensed version, a check mark for the Processing Device, which is the GPU, and a check mark for the 3D capture sensor
  • Close the window
  • Click the Refresh button
  • Click Record
  • Once the 3D image begins to appear on the program, slowly rotate the object (or person) 360º
  • You may want to rotate the object twice to get a better image
  • Click the Record button when you’re finished
  • Wait for the image to load
  • Save the image as an STL file for 3D printing
  • To repair the mesh on your scan, read this how-to and follow the instructions
  • Once you’ve repaired the mesh, your scan is ready for 3D printing

You can 3D print the file on your home 3D printer or upload your file to a 3D printing service company, such as WhiteClouds. We will 3D print it for you and ship it directly to your door.