Girl with mustache. Source: ra2media/
Girl with mustache. Source: ra2media/

Leisure time has increased exponentially since the Industrial Revolution. More free time has created a demand for amusement and entertainment. This demand has given birth to what is commonly known as pop culture which is spread through newspapers and magazines, books, movies and music, television, radio, comics, cartoons and of course, advertising. Pop culture in the antithesis of classical music and art, traditional theater, literature, and opera.

One of the newest trends to hit the pop culture is probably as old as time. It is known by many names: crumb catcher, cookie duster, flavor savor, soup strainer and trash stash. It also comes in several styles: Dali, Mexican, Chevron, Toothbrush, Pencil, English, and Handlebar. Regardless of what style you prefer or what name you call the infamous mustache, it has departed from the stiff upper lip and can be found gracing coffee mugs, jewelry, fingernails, iPhone cases, baby pacifiers, cakes, home décor, and even slogans on t-shirts such as: “I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later” or I’d LOVE to stay and CHAT, but I really Mustache” or around Christmas time you will see “Staching through the Snow”. 

It is believed that the mustache made its comeback in late 2011 with a campaign known as Movember. It started as a grassroots fundraiser for prostate cancer awareness in Australia and later became a worldwide event. According to Empower Network, Movember is the name of a campaign in which men grow mustaches throughout the month of November to help increase awareness to men’s physical health. Of course, women wanted to be supportive so they started sporting a fake mustache. Toms shoes also joined in and created a shoe with a mustache printed on the side.

In Antarctica men grow beards and/or mustaches to insulate their faces from the cold and ice. At the end of summer, they harvest their “staches” by playing Mustache Roulette. A selection of hilarious, stupid, and just plain ugly facial hair drawings are created and placed around a roulette wheel. The participants place money on the drawing they like best. The wheel is spun and any participant sporting facial hair that matches the drawing gets shaved.  All the proceeds go to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. 

A quick search on Pinterest is a good source for tutorials on how to paint mustaches on fingernails, bake mustache cupcakes, DIY mustache wall art, and even how to throw a mustache party with mustache straws, party favors, disguises, and even games to play. 

Photo opportunities abound where fingerstaches and staches-on-a-stick can be found. A fingerstache is a mustache that has been drawn on the inside of the index finger.  This can be applied with black eye liner or even permanently tattooed.  You can show off your fingerstache by posing for pictures with your index finger placed strategically under your nose.  A stache-on-a-stick is made by mounting a paper mustache onto a dowel. You can pull it out whenever the urge to sport your mustache hits you. February 3rd, known around the world as Fake Mustache Day, is the perfect day to display your mustache. 

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