3D printed robot Jimmy. Source: Intel
3D printed robot Jimmy. Source: Intel

Intel demonstrated its 3D-printed robot named Jimmy at the Code Conference. Intel hopes to bring the robot kit to the market by the end of the year with a price tag starting around $1,600. The kit includes everything that isn’t 3D printable, including motors, wires, battery, processor etc. Jimmy the robot uses Intel Edison, which lowers the cost of creating the robot.

According to Brian David Johnson, Intel’s futurist, Intel began the project about a decade ago. Intel states, “Using 3D printing, using open source hardware and software... anyone can build a robot that is completely open source, where the design files are free and the AI is open and anyone can start writing apps for the robot.”

Intel is keeping the robot open-source so that people can modify and customize the robot to fit their needs. The schematics and the AI code for the robot will be available online for free.                                  

The Robot will be able to walk, talk, dance and do things like tweeting, translating languages or even delivering cold beer.

Johnson explained that the robot is like a smartphone with customizable apps. “It's like a smartphone with legs,” he said. “Your robot will be completely different from mine; you customize it and program the artificial intelligence, not by having a PhD in robotics, but by downloading apps.”

“What's so exciting about the open source model is the public gets involved in developing this first generation of crowd-sourced, consumer robots. We all get a say in what they do, and together we will come up with far more ideas, more innovation, and more creativity,” said Johnson.

Intel will offer robot kits at www.21stCenturyRobot.com