George Hart mathematical art design 3D printed by WhiteClouds Credit:
George Hart mathematical art design 3D printed by WhiteClouds Credit:

In this interview, WhiteClouds speaks briefly with Mr. George Hart, mathematical artist, teacher and proponent of 3D printing.

How did you first learn about 3D printing?

I don't remember precisely.  It was around 1990, so research at that stage and early commercial models were reasonably well known in academic circles.  But it took until the mid-1990's before I could get access to a 3D printer and start making my own designs.

 What aspects of 3DP appeal to you?

The geometric freedom allows me to create anything I can think of, even if it is very intricate.  For a sculptor with lots of ideas, that is a wonderful property.

 It looks like you have several 3D printers. Why so many?

I've moved from a Makerbot Cup Cake to a Thing-O-Matic to a (MakerBot) Replicator. Each incorporates design improvements.  I'm sure I'll have many more in future years because the technology is changing so quickly.

 Do you use them for anything besides printing mathematical models?

I make puzzles, educational models, prototypes for sculptures, and actual sculptures.

 Does your family ever use them? If so, for what?

Everyone who visits likes to see them in action so I've made everything from a puppy dog for a young nephew to a custom birthday present for my brother to mathematical models for colleagues.

We highly recommend visiting to learn more about his mathematical art projects.  Mr. Hart has also made some of his .STL files free to download for your own 3D printer. We have been inspired by his designs here at WhiteClouds.