Fashionable girl. Source: Olga Ekaterincheva/
Fashionable girl. Source: Olga Ekaterincheva/

One of the most personal ways we express ourselves is through our clothing and jewelry. Fashion is a way for us to show our individual beauty and charisma. It is also a fun way to experiment with our personality. Who doesn’t put on an evening gown or tuxedo and feel transformed? Personalized jewelry made to our desires is an excellent way to show our individuality. In a world increasingly overburdened by the generic and the uniform, 3D printed jewelry is the answer to stand out from the crowd.

Designers Taking Up 3D Printing to Create Jewelry

Fashion and jewelry designers are already taking advantage of 3D printing to create new pieces that are impossible to make in any other way. Since 3D printing is an additive manufacturing technology, this allows for complex designs with cavities, overlapping designs, and overhangs to be created. Traditional subtractive or injection-molding methods are not able to create designs with these features, so 3D printing is revolutionizing new customized and unique designs.

Designers such as Ineke Otte have used 3D printing to create her Alice in Wonderland-themed collection. Otte has created earrings and rings with teacups, rabbits, and teapots as well as collections featuring flowers, insects, and vegetables. Summer Powell has created a line called the Gemetrica Collection, which features geometric shapes. Anne Zellien created a personalized 3D printed jewelry collection with customizable text. These early adopters have shown it is clear that 3D printed jewelry will become a mainstay.

Express Yourself: Be the Star

Elite custom-made pieces are a new, effortless option to polish your look. Expressing yourself with designs that nobody else has will show your individuality and spirit of innovation.

WhiteClouds is a 3D printing service company and we have a beautiful collection of customizable jewelry. We can also create jewelry designed exclusively for you, by you. Graceful, fluid designs as well as fun, youthful styles that pop are stylish choices that captivate. Whatever your style, you will shine with these gorgeous pieces.

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