Printeer 3D Printer. Source: Printeer
Printeer 3D Printer. Source: Printeer

3D printing is now becoming available to kids thanks to Printeer, a functional, kid-friendly 3D printer made with vibrant colors, curved shapes, and clear panels, allowing inquisitive kids a unique 3D printing demonstration. 

Learning 3D print design software is a common limiter for consumers seeking to enter the 3D market. Specialized software knowledge most familiar to CAD designers is often required to design 3D-printable models. With Printeer, kids can easily create their own designs with the company’s proprietary software that’s compatible for use on the iPad. According to Printeer the software is simple to use, touting a 30 second learning curve.

“Unlike other 3D printers, using Printeer doesn't require advanced technical or engineering skills. For starters, you don't need to learn CAD (computer aided design) software, a professional-grade tool that is required to generate the 3D designs used by other 3D printers.”

By being the first to bring 3D printing to young students, Printeer hopes to bring 3D printing to a curious and tech savvy generation. The printer is positioned as a unique learning experience for K through 12 students. According to TechCrunch, toy Hasbro and Hershey’s are eying the 3D printing market and see an opportunity in the niche. Both companies have already moved forward into the 3D printing world, each having created partnerships with 3D Systems.

Printeer moved into the 3D printing fray by launching a Kickstarter campaign, selling the prototype device to raise $50,000 for mass production. As of this writing, the company is a mere $4,000 short of their goal with 21 days left in their campaign. The unit was available for $499 to a limited number of Kickstarter backers. It can now be purchased for $549 or more through the same crowd funding campaign.