Taz 3D Printer. Source: LulzBot
Taz 3D Printer. Source: LulzBot

LulzBot, a 3D printer manufacturing company based in Colorado, is offering hackerspaces the chance to win a free Taz 3D printer. Lulzbot will give away eight printers on March 15th to celebrate Hardware Freedom Day. LulzBot is an imprint of Aleph Objects, Inc.

Any physical, community-run hackerspaces can submit the form called “My Hackerspace Wants a 3D Printer,” between March 1st through March 14th. The winner will be chosen by LulzBot staff based on the most creative ideas on how the hackerspace members will use their new LulzBot printer.

Winners will receive the Taz 3, which is the fifth and newest model of 3D printers created by Aleph Objects. The Taz 3 has new hardware and software improvements, such as a controller with an LCD interface that allows users to print from an SD card, to perform start up, selection, and configuration changes. The Taz 3 retail price is $2,195.

The Taz 3 runs on Slic3r, a free and open software, and received the “Respects Your Freedom” certificate from The Free Software Foundation in February, 2014. LulzBot distributes the source code to customers so that they can control and expand the printer to their needs. The software is available on their website and has a copyright license that grants users the right to modify the code and also ensures that spin-offs are made available to other users.

"We believe that being free and open is good for innovation, and it's good business," said Jeff Moe, President of Aleph Objects, Inc.

"Hackerspaces are passionately driving user innovation and creativity, especially within the 3D printing industry." said Moe, "Our goal is to get as many TAZ 3 printers into as many hackerspaces as possible."

To learn more about the contest, review the information here.