MakerBot headquarters logo. Source: WhiteClouds
MakerBot headquarters logo. Source: WhiteClouds

MakerBot has a neat app to create your own cookie cutter designs. I had a lot of fun playing around with designs. I found that making curves was harder than it looked, but a little practice went a long way. To create curves, click and drag on the orange and blue dots between the lines. It helps if you create several small lines instead of long lines to make the editing easier. Piece of cake (or cookie)!

My first 3D print! I decided to print the pumpkin cookie cutter since I love Halloween and the autumn (it can also double as an apple, just paint the cookies with red frosting instead of orange). Printing the cookie cutters is simple, even for someone who has never made a 3D print before. I downloaded the pumpkin design and saved it as an STL file. Then I sent the file to the MakerBot’s interfacing software that sliced the model into sections and determined how to print the layers.

Then I saved the G-code file onto an SD card to stick into the MakerBot. I selected the file on the MakerBot and I watched it print the raft, which is what the model prints on. Then I watched the MakerBot print a few layers, which was a lot of fun. The MakerBot prints pretty quickly. I ambled off to do other things, and when the print was done, I detached the print bed and prised off the cookie cutter with a putty knife and broke off the raft. My first 3D print and I am super-excited!

Here are pictures of the printed cookie cutter:

Cookies in Action!

Using the 3D printed cookie cutter was the same as any other cookie cutter. The cookie cutter provided clear, defined shapes. It’s a fantastic way to customize your cookie cutters the way you like them.

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