3D printed pet plaque-hamster. Source: WhiteClouds
3D printed pet plaque-hamster. Source: WhiteClouds

One day the inevitable happens: Our pet succumbs to health problems, accidents, or old age. After our best friend has passed on, the loss is incredibly difficult. After all, this is the cat, bird, lizard, dog, or other animal that kept us happy and laughing with their antics, cheered us up when we were feeling down, and overall provided a sense of comfort and companionship like no other.

So how do we honor the place our pet had in our lives and provide some relief from the loss? Many people choose to bury a pet in the backyard or in a pet cemetery. Sometimes taking our best friend to be cremated is the only recourse. Although these things are necessary, they don’t always address the hurts of the heart.

Many people choose to have a memorial service for their pets. There are many services and cemeteries that provide services for the final goodbye. But goodbyes needn’t be official services. A small gathering of friends and family in your backyard can be a simple but powerful way to bid farewell. Or you may want something more quiet, just a final goodbye between you and your best friend.

Your pet will always know how much he or she was loved by you and your family. Understanding that you provided a wonderful home for your friend can help heal the hurts. Revisit the wonderful memories of time well spent with your pet and recount the funniest moments with your friends and family. This will most likely bring on tears, but remembering the good times is an important part of the healing process. Cherishing the time we’ve had with our pet family member is no small matter and is a vital part of life: Our life was enriched by the presence of our pet family member.

3D Printed Pet Mementos

WhiteClouds is a 3D printing service and we offer 3D printed pet plaques that are 3D modeled from a picture of your pet. This is a more personalized memento of your pet that you can cherish forever. Please note that these pet plaques are not weatherproof and therefore cannot take the place of headstones. The pet plaques are a wonderful way to keep the spirit of your pet within your home.