Mimo smart baby monitor onesie. Source: Mimo
Mimo smart baby monitor onesie. Source: Mimo

Mimo, a company that creates smart baby monitors, has used 3D printing to develop prototypes of their products.

The Mimo smart baby monitors are more advanced than your average baby monitor. The monitor, a cute plastic turtle, is placed directly on a specially-made, machine-washable onesie. The onesie has a “Lilypad sensor” where the turtle monitor is placed and allows the device to receive and transmit data from the baby and send it directly to parents’ smartphones in real time. 

The monitoring information includes respiration, skin temperature, body position, and activity level of the baby. Parents can also listen to audio, set notifications for any changes, keep track of the baby’s feeding, sleeping, and other schedules over a period of time. The body position includes information on whether or not the infant is laying on his or her stomach or back. This information can be used to potentially prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by alerting parents to check on the baby.

In order to speed up the prototyping process, Mimo uses a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer to quickly print out a design concept. Thomas Lipoma, one of the co-founders of Rest Devices that creates Mimo products, states, “If we have a first concept, we're going to immediately CAD it. Within half an hour, we can have something up. We can print it. We can feel it.”

This is a fantastic device for new parents. The Mimo smart baby monitors can help parents rest easy and monitor their baby’s well-being with ease.

For those interested in purchasing the Mimo baby monitor, you can pre-order on the Babies R Us website. The Starter Package is 3 Mimo Kimonos, 1 Turtle, and 1 Lilypad for $199.99. You can buy onesies in 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months, with additional packs of two in each size. Starting in mid-February, select locations will sell the Mimo Baby Monitor as well as continuing sales online. Then Mimo will move into stores nationwide.

To learn more, visit Mimo’s website at http://mimobaby.com/.