Mink 3D makeup printer. Source: Mink
Mink 3D makeup printer. Source: Mink

Grace Choi, A Harvard Business School graduate, announced her makeup 3D printer, Mink, at Disrupt NewYork, a conference hosted by TechCrunch for startups and entrepreneurs.

Mink uses powders, creams, or foundation to print makeup on-demand. Users can select any color they want by using the hex code of the color and inputting the code in any photo software, such as Paint or Photoshop. Click print and the Mink will begin printing that exact shade.

The mink uses a combination of inkjet colors and powder (or other makeup substrate) to create the makeup by depositing the material layer by layer. A square of the makeup, just like traditionally-manufactured makeup, comes out of the printer, ready to use. Users can place the makeup in an empty makeup holder.

Choi stated in the video below that makeup substrates and inkjet color are FDA approved and safe to use as makeup.

Choi hopes that this will revolutionize makeup and create more options at an affordable price for people. Since there are limited color options at stores such as Walmart, the more fashion-forward person would need to go to stores such as Sephora for a better selection, but with higher prices. The Mink 3D printer allows users to create any shade, unleashing creativity and putting the manufacturer of makeup directly in the hands of consumers.

Choi states, “This is going to finally train our girls to understand that the definition of beauty is something that they should be able to control, not our corporations.”

The Mink printer will launch later this year and be available for $300. It will be exciting to see the possibilities that 3D printed makeup will bring to beauty mavens.