Monstermatic screenshot. Source: Monstermatic
Monstermatic screenshot. Source: Monstermatic

Monstermatic, an iPhone and iPad app designed by Mico Studio, had their Kickstarter project fully funded on October 16th, 2013. Right now, the company is offering the Monstermatic app for free for a limited time only.

The Monstermatic app is a fun app that lets you design your own monster. Choose from 10 different monsters and customize it with swappable parts, including horns, hats, teeth, eyes and more. You can also draw additional parts on your monster with your finger.

You can talk to your monster and it will repeat what you said, or play with your monster by pushing it, tickling, shaking, making it fall, or making it dance. You can also animate your monster and watch your monster explode, shoot it with a paintball gun, smash a guitar or break your screen. You can also take pictures of your unique monster and share it with friends.

"Some studios encourage the purchase of 3D versions of their characters to enhance their games," says Clayton Mitchell, founder of Mico Studio. "While it is an interesting idea, it doesn't give the player the freedom to create their own character. With Monstermatic, the game is to create your character."

To hold your monster in your hand, you can send it to be 3D printed. The cost to 3D print your monster is $25.95. The monster will be sent to a 3D printing service and shipped directly to your door.

Download Monstermatic

The Monstermatic app supports:

  • iPhone 4s and later
  • 2nd-generation iPad and later
  • All models of the iPad Mini
  • 4th-generation iPod Touch