3D printed blue and red monsters. Source: WhiteClouds
3D printed blue and red monsters. Source: WhiteClouds

A fantastic way to celebrate Halloween, or any time of the year, is with 3D printed monsters. Show your kids that there is nothing to be afraid of with these fun monsters and create story-time with finesse.

History of Monsters

The word monster derives from the Latin word, "monstrum", or unnatural occurrence or creature not typically found in nature. Throughout history, monsters, supernatural creates, witches, and the like have been described through folklore, mythology, and local legends. The reason for this can also be found in its root word, "monere", which means "to warn". These creatures are typically found in stories in which the monster is the result of some wickedness or used to punish unjust behavior.

Fairy tales often feature monsters and witches in order to scare children into behaving. Older fairy tales are far scarier and more violent than today’s versions, which have changed with the times. It was common to tell children, “You be good or the Chupacabra will get you!” Each culture has its unique and distinct monsters. Many of the monsters cross over time and cultures.

Today, monsters are a fun way to connect with things that go "eeek!" in the night. Settling down with popcorn and a drink for a good horror movie is a mainstay in American culture as is dressing up as our favorite monsters for Halloween. The fun does not stop with Halloween: Even in the summer, we can enjoy ghost stories told around the campfire.

Here are some famous examples of monsters and where they come from:

1. Nessie


2. Chupacabra


3. Vampires


4. Mummies


5. Medusa


6. Sasquatch

United States

7. Zombies


8. Dragons

China, Europe

9. Frankenstein's monster


10. Werewolves


3D Printed Monsters 

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