Mustache evergreen card using 3D printed stamp. Source: WhiteClouds
Mustache evergreen card using 3D printed stamp. Source: WhiteClouds

The Evergreen Tree

For centuries the evergreen tree has been recognized as the perfect symbol of life.  As its name implies, it stays green year round in contrast to other trees that loose their leaves as winter approaches. This trait of keeping its color has given the evergreen tree a special place in the winter festivities. The evergreen tree is said to represent life, love and peace. 

Legend has it that one Christmas eve, while walking through the woods, Martin Luther was awed by the beauty of the moonlight and stars glistening upon the fir trees. He wanted to convey this beautiful scene to his family so he cut down a small fir tree, took it into his home and decorated it with candles. To this day this tradition is honored in many homes throughout the world.

The Christmas tree can also be found adorning gifts and cards. At WhiteClouds the Mustache stamp, 3D printed in assorted sizes, can be combined to make an adorable evergreen tree to adorn your Christmas cards. 

Mustache Evergreen Tree Card


One 5½”x8½” brown card stock

One 5¼”x4” white card stock

One 1 ½”x 4 ¾” brown card stock

One 4”x 4 ¼” white card stock

One 1”x 2” red card stock

Three ½ ”x 1” white card stock

One 1” x 1” silver glitter paper

One 5” red Baker’s twine

White embossing powder

Mustache WhiteClouds stamps, assorted sizes

Alphabet WhiteClouds stamps

Star punch

Cardinal Bird SVG file

Polka Dot embossing folder

Fancy Fan embossing folder

Wood Grain embossing folder

Green ink stamp pad

Red ink stamp pad



1.      To create base card, fold 5½“x8½” brown card stock in half to measure 4¼”x5½”.

2.      Emboss 5¼”x4” white card stock with Polka Dot embossing folder.

3.      Stamp 4”x 4 ¼” white card stock with assorted sizes of Mustache stamp.

4.      Emboss Mustache stamped images with Fancy Fan embossing folder.

5.      Cut out Mustache stamped images.

6.      Dry emboss tops of Mustache stamped images with white embossing powder.

7.      Cut two Cardinal birds using SVG file

8.      Emboss 1 ½”x 4 ¾” brown card stock with Wood Grain embossing folder.  Cut into triangle for tree trunk.

9.      Stamp letters on three ½ ”x 1” white card stock.  Fold in half and hang on Baker’s twine.

10.   Punch small star from silver glitter paper

11.  Assemble

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