3D Printed Girl and cuddling dog. Source: KhushiAnn/www.shutterstock.com
3D Printed Girl and cuddling dog. Source: KhushiAnn/www.shutterstock.com

Now you can create custom sculptural reliefs of your favorite furry, feathered or fishy friends using 3D printing.

Artwork depicting man’s best friend has a long and beautiful history. A cave painting dated to the Paleolithic Era shows a dog at the feet of its master. Many Egyptian dogs and cats were sculpted life-size in black obsidian, even bearing holes in their ears for decorative earrings. Through the Renaissance and Dark Ages, people would sometimes have a family dog put into portraits. Monuments and movies have been created to honor the virtues of our beloved pets. In our everyday lives, they are standard in family photo albums and featured on our cell phone screens.

For those of us that love our pets, we cannot keep them close enough. They are not just “like” our family, they are our family. “My relationship with my dogs is a very close one,” says pet lover, Amy from Utah. “I treat them just like my kids. We take them with us everywhere we can: the store, camping, just running errands. I have more pictures of my pets on my phone than anything else. They are my pride and joy.”

According to USAtoday.com, Americans spent about $4.4 billion on pet luxuries in 2012 including services like grooming, boarding, hotels and pet-sitting. VIP service is not reserved for Beverly Hills Chihuahuas. Custom, homemade diets and elaborate salons are becoming more common for white-collar pooches.

Dave Murphy loves his Golden Retriever, Basie, and it shows. Her silky coat shines, her teeth are white and clean, her eyes sparkle and dog breath – not ever an issue. Twice each day she eats Dave’s home cooked meal of fresh ground turkey, carrots, rice and other veggies. No store-bought dry food here. Why does he treat her so well? Dave says, “Having a dog in a home brings warmth to that home, adds protection and companionship. For these reasons they should be cared for as a real member of the family. This includes providing this loyal family member with the best of care that is affordable and reasonable” He honors her because, he feels, she honors them with her natural qualities.

Several of us here at WhiteClouds just love animals and have a special relationship with our pets. One day we thought, “Why don’t we use the same process we use for our portrait plaques but put our pets in them?” The product was truly inspiring so we wanted to share it with you. With 3D modeling software our designers took photographs of our pets and turned them into sculpted plaques then customized the frame or stand with text. The result is a desktop item that is as unique and charming as our furry, feathered and fishy friends.

“Having a loving and caring animal who never ever gets mad at you and is always there - no matter what - is one of the greatest things this world can give,” says Krista, whose two dogs are called “the grandkids” by her parents. “I love my girls!”

 No doubt about it, pets hold a very special place in our hearts. Check out our Create page and learn how you can 3D print your very own Pet Plaque from WhiteClouds.