Scrapbook Background Paper with 3D-Printed Stamp. Source: WhiteClouds
Scrapbook Background Paper with 3D-Printed Stamp. Source: WhiteClouds

Every time a letter is received, postage stamps answer the questions of WHERE and WHEN. These stamps lend themselves to creating a unique, one-of-a-kind background paper that can enhance any life story scrapbook. They can also be used for a short-term story book and illustrate the WHERE and WHEN of a family vacation. 

To take advantage of this unique way to emphasize the WHERE and WHEN of an event, you can order customized, 3D printed postage stamps from WhiteClouds. Simply make a list of every place (including date) of the places you have visited or where you have lived. Decide what size you want each stamp. For example, the places you have lived could be large. The places you have visited could be of medium size. The places you passed through could be small stamps. Then, order the stamps to be printed. Finally, create the perfect page, filled with the WHERE and WHEN of a special vacation or a life fully lived. 

Materials and Supplies

  • One 12”x12” cream paper
  • Postage Stamps
  • Brown ink pad
  • Dauber


Randomly stamp each custom stamp on the 12”x12” paper using the brown ink.

Daub the edges of the paper with brown ink.

Crumple the paper to create and aged look

If desired, make a few tears in the edges of the paper.


Add photos and journaling

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