3D Printed Shoe Sculpture. Source: Sebastian Errazuriz
3D Printed Shoe Sculpture. Source: Sebastian Errazuriz

As we approach Valentine’s Day, you may be looking for that special gift for your loved one. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz created unique 12 shoe sculptures to express memories of 12 past relationships. In December of 2013 Errazuriz opened a month long exhibit in Miami Beach, Florida titled 12 SHOES for 12 LOVERS. The exhibit, featuring artistically designed 3D printed shoes, was an expression of 12 memorable relationships Errazuriz had experienced. The sculptures were printed with a MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer.

Each sculpture is represented with a unique title and brief story depicting his memory of the relationship. “THE GHOST” tells the story of a woman who suddenly appeared in Errazuriz’s life to only exit after a brief summer romance, never to be heard from again.  “GI JANE” depicts his time dating the daughter of a military colonel and tells the story of a rendezvous gone awry. The shoe is canvassed in army green and flanked with a soldier prepared for battle.

In an interview with deccanchronicle.com, Errazuriz said, “my project would never attempt to define anyone with a particular shoe. Each one is just a small exercise to illustrate fondly and playfully a particular characteristic of our relationship.”

Errazuriz sanded, primed and painted most of the sculptures after a design was 3D printed, giving each sculpture its own personality. The shoes are wearable, although the models likely didn’t wear them down the fashion runway. MakerBot 3D printers use PLA, or Polylactic Acid, as a medium, which would be too fragile to support the weight of an adult.

What could you create for your valentine?