3D printed cross necklace. Source: WhiteClouds
3D printed cross necklace. Source: WhiteClouds

One of the wonderful ways that we can celebrate our myriad celebrations of faith is to wear jewelry depicting sacred elements of our beliefs. WhiteClouds has a selection of 3D printed jewelry for religious faiths. If we do not have what you need, upload your design and we will make it for you.

Sacred Symbols as Story-telling Devices

In the beginning of humanity, writing systems had not yet been invented. Ancient peoples used pictorials and symbols to recreate the stories of creation and to explain how the universe worked. As time went on, writing systems, such as cuneiform and hieroglyphics, were created. The typical purpose for writing was so that merchants could keep track of their inventory and sales.

Later, these writings were included for religious purposes. The ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics to depict scenes of the afterlife in the tombs of the dead and also to provide spells and instructions for the deceased to find their way through the underworld. As Christianity rose, most of the laity did not know how to read. Most texts were in Latin and beyond the scope of the everyday person of the time. Stained glass windows were added to churches to depict scenes from the Bible as a way to tell the stories.

Symbols throughout history have been used as shortcuts for storytelling to remind the listeners of the major elements of the story. The symbol of the cross is a powerful image for the life and death of Christ, the image of the reclining Buddha and the lotus show the path of enlightenment through meditation, and the Star of David as a representation of Judaism. Many, many more symbols exist as reminders of sacred and life-affirming spiritual beliefs.

Religious Persecution and the Gradual Mellowing of Humanity

In the past, openly wearing religious jewelry has often been met with violence and persecution. In the first Century, early Christians were blamed by the Roman Emperor Nero for the Great Fire of Rome and persecutions continued under nine more Roman emperors. In the 1800s, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormons, fled Missouri after violent conflicts killed their founder, Joseph Smith.

During the Holocaust, the Jewish people were required to wear Stars of David for identification and were killed and tortured by the millions. In Tibet, nearly 6,000 monasteries and nunneries were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution that lasted from 1966-1976 and Tibetan Buddhists were imprisoned and tortured. There are many more instances throughout history where any given religious group was targeted for violence, abuse, and torture.

Today, there are still religious skirmishes throughout the world where humanity still tortures itself. But in many places, violence over religion is slowly being replaced by love and understanding of diversity, with the increasing knowledge that we are all one, united in our common experience of spiritual beings in a physical body. As we progress, we learn to love wholeheartedly the entire spectrum of people. When there is love, kindness naturally follows.

So whatever your beliefs about what the sacred and divine are, choose to show your faith and know that we have great freedoms that we cannot take for granted. And when you see another with a different symbol that represents the same thing, pure love, show them the kindness that you would want for yourself.

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