3D printed Spore creature. Source: WhiteClouds
3D printed Spore creature. Source: WhiteClouds

Spore was first created in 2008, developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. Spore is a single-player god game, which allows the player to create a species of monsters from a microscopic organism (or Spore) that develops into a race of social, intelligent beings. Spore is available for PC/Macs, Nintendo DS™, Wii™, and mobile apps.

The Five Stages

Spore starts out with the Cell stage, moving onto the Creature stage, the Tribal stage, the Civilization age, and finally into the Space stage. Each stage has its own objectives and the player must complete each stage’s objective in order to move to the next stage.

Cell stage: The player as a microbe is primarily concerned with eating other microbes or plant matter in order to eventually evolve into the Creature stage.

Creature stage: The player can move around freely, feeding, interacting with other creatures called “socializing,” healing, and mating in the nest.

Tribal stage: The player no longer controls a single creature, but is in charge of the tribe as a whole.  The player can gift the tribe with tools, weapons, and musical instruments. Food becomes the currency and can be used to add structures or as bribes.

Civilization stage: The player works within a city, ultimately trying to take control of the planet. Players can build factories or entertainment centers, and houses. Players can choose whether they use military force, diplomacy, or religion.

Space stage: The species has spread around the galaxies and players can colonize and terraform other planets. Treasures on other planets can be found and sold. Space pirates will sometimes attack and the player will need to fight them. The player controls one character in a single spaceship and can travel around the galaxy. The player can interact with other empires that other players have created, either becoming allies or enemies.

Expansion Packs and Games

Spore Creature Creator (2008)

Spore (2008)

Spore: Galactic Edition

Spore: Creepy and Cute

Spore: Galactic Adventure (2009)

Spore Creatures (2008)

Spore Origins (2008)

Spore Hero (2009)

Spore Hero Arena (2009)

Darkspore (2011)

What the Fans Have to Say

Here’s what Duane Hodges, a player of Spore, has to say about the game, “I've always been a big Will Wright fan and eager to try anything that involves his genius. The fun part is the endless creating it can unleash. Spore has awesome potential in the right hands and has got one of the best image creator engines of any game, whether you are creating buildings, vehicles, characters, worlds, or even stories (missions) and it's easy to use.”

3D Print Your Spore Character

Upload the design of your Spore character to a 3D printing service company such as WhiteClouds and we can 3D print it for you and ship it to your home. Enjoy a real-life model of your avatar!

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