Flight of the Wind steampunk 3D print. Source: dutchmogul/Thingiverse.com
Flight of the Wind steampunk 3D print. Source: dutchmogul/Thingiverse.com

We searched Thingiverse for some fun steampunk designs that you can 3D print at home. Here are our top ten picks. What favorites would you add?

1.      Steampunk Owl Ornament

This is a fun ornament that can be shown during any time of the year. Print your owl and paint it with steampunk colors such as brown, copper, or gray.

2.      Steampunk Submarine

This little submarine is too cute to pass up.

3.      Steampunk Pacman Ghost

This is a splendid version of a Pacman ghost with a top hat and mustache. Painting this ghost would be a lot of fun!

4.      Steampunk Gear Picture Frame

This fantastic picture frame featuring gears is sure to be a hit to show off your photos.

5.      Steampunk Gnomedozer

This snap-fit Gnomedozer is a great addition to your collection, plus it looks like a neat project to paint and put together.

6.      Flight of the Wind Dragon

This playful figurine set includes a flying ship and five gnomes.

7.      Steampunk Steamed Fish

This steampunk statue features a mechanized fish with pipes. Paint it to suit your fancy!

8.      Eye of Horus Medallion

Spice up your steampunk ensemble with a bit of Egyptian mystique. Paint this medallion gold, copper, or silver and have a blast turning away evil while looking stylish.

9.      Steampunk Snake Bracelet

To match your Eye of Horus medallion, pair it with a gold-painted snake-bracelet and charm your admirers.

10.  Steampunk 3D Printer

Although this steampunk 3D printer doesn’t actually work, it will look great in your laboratory. Or should we say laBORatory.

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