Unboxing the Afinia 3d printer. Source: Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock.com
Unboxing the Afinia 3d printer. Source: Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock.com

We found the Afinia 3D Printer to be very neatly packaged with all the tools needed to successfully print 3D projects; installation disk, 34 page manual, Quick Start Guide (QSG), and accessory pack. After removing the documentation and the accessory pack, we were able to access the actual printer.

We carefully removed the foam-encased 3D printer from the packing box and then removed the foam from the sides of the printer. As per the instructions on page 7 of the manual, we removed the two packing clips from the printer. To do this, we turned the printer so that the back was facing us. We removed the white clip on the top arm that stabilized the Extruder assembly during shipping by carefully peeling away the strapping tape and sliding the clip down and off the printer. Then we carefully removed the bottom green clip that kept the platform arm secure during shipping, by placing a hand under the platform arm and gently lifting the clip.

NOTE: It is very important to avoid lifting the 5.5” x 5.5” platform when removing the bottom clip. Also, SAVE THE PACKING CLIPS in the event the printer needs to be packed in the future.

At this point we were hoping to plug in the Afinia and print our very first 3D model. However, very quickly we discovered the importance of thoroughly reading the instructions. The following steps must be taken in the order presented below before the Afinia is ready to print: 

  • Attaching the Filament Spool
  • Preparing the Platform
  • Connecting and Installation of Software
  • Loading the Filament
  • Leveling the Platform
  • Calibrating the Nozzle Height