Durability - Surface - Flexibility - Millions of Colors 

WhiteClouds offers a large selection of materials used in state-of-the art 3D printers to create your models. Each material offers unique qualities that are ideal for various types of designs and projects. To learn more about the materials, click on the links below or order one of our sample kits.

Full-color Sandstone

Full-color Sandstone is a great option for your designs. As the name implies, the sandstone can be printed in full color. It has a rough, grainy surface. Sandstone is a hard, somewhat brittle material.

Polypropylene-like Material

The Polypropylene-like Material simulates standard plastics and  is suitable for snap-fit and living hinges, reusable containers and packaging, toys, battery cases, lab equipment, loudspeakers and automotive components. 

Rigid Plastic

Rigid Plastic is strong and durable and provides high-resolution detail. Rigid Plastic comes in gray, black, white and blue. Rigid Plastic is ideal for accurate prototypes, including moving parts.


ABS Plastic

ABS Plastic is flexible and durable, perfect for toys and figurines. ABS is more likely to bend rather than break. The surface can also be smoothed with acetone, giving it a glossy finish. ABS is a more affordable option compared with some of the other materials. 

Ultraviolet-cured Resin

Ultraviolet-cured Resin is transparent material that can be tinted with color. It is suitable for artistic designs and decorative pieces. Ultraviolet-cured Resin can be painted and shows fine details.  

Transparent Material

Transparent Materials are families of clear material that are suitable for prototype transparent parts.


Digital ABS

Digital ABS combines high-temperature resistance with high-toughness to simulate the properties of ABS-grade engineering plastics.

PLA Plastic

PLA Plastic is shinier and more brittle than ABS Plastic and is suitable for such items as light switch plates and desktop toys. PLA has a tendency to melt if left in hot temperatures, such as if it is left in hot cars during the summertime. While we use PLA in our consumer printers, MakerBot, Cube, and Afinia, we do not print for customers in PLA. 

Rubber-like Material

Shore is a rubber-like material with 6 different gradients of pliability. Think of the gradients as a button that can be depressed contrasted with the rubber-like material of a car steering wheel.


High-temperature Plastic

High-temperature Plastic is suitable for advanced functional testing, hot air and water flow, static applications and exhibition modeling.